Sinking into the Ocean

Web, Net, Ocean – what comes next when we sink deeper. Will it dissolve us?


Good dreams are rare, believe me. People always forget that dreams are not movies. Dreams are not what you see or feel but what you don’t. They need gaps for your imagination to go through. Lots of gaps. So, if you are looking for a dream don’t look for content, look for gaps and empty spaces.






They call it “ocean” nowadays and I can’t recall the exact day when the net we used to know dissolved turning into the ocean with mighty currents and waves made of our thoughts and dreams, fears and desires







I share your concern and I assure you that we conduct investigation from the very day the first case has been reported. And I know that NEURR does the same. From what we know about neural unterfaces on the market they cannot cause any harm to the brain. No harm at all. And they were in use worldwide for years without a single report of any damage to the health





No technology can mess with my mind.

No matter what you think of me.

No matter how miserable my life is.







Did you see it? Did you feel it? The recording by Rose Chou. She was still there even when her body died. She talked to us. Is it… It can’t be… But was it real?








There is nothing to discuss on Ms Chou case. What we take is a response of a network mimicing the reactions of a dead brain like echo still repeats words as we go silent. Yes, Rose Chou is dead as other young people before.









Us and them. Us are always pleasant and friendly. Them are always disturbing and hostile. You want a nice dive full of positive emotions? Stay with us and never come closer to them